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Stay Tuned for Upcoming Locations & Dates...

You can put in a request if you would like to book a session in your area. This is by no means guaranteed, but the more requests I receive from certain areas the more likely it is you may see me there in the future. (Note: Sessions where I pack up the toys, rent a location and travel away from main location, will be priced differently than those where subs come to me. See Rates.)



February/March/April 2018 - New Orleans, Louisiana

 October 11 - 15 2018 - Detroit, Michigan

October 10, 16 2018 - Windsor, Ontario

October 24 - Nov 5 2018 - Chicago, Illinois 

December 11-12 2018 - Hamilton, Ontario 

December 12, 13, 14  2018 - Toronto, Ontario

 February 2019 - Detroit, Michigan

February 2019 - Grand Rapids, Michigan

March 2019 - New Orleans, Louisiana

April - July 2019 - London, Ontario





Summer/Fall 2019

QUEBEC: Montreal* Trois Rivieres*

NEW BRUNSWICK: Moncton*/Dieppe*/Riverview*, Fredericton*, Saint John*

PEI: Charlottetown*

NOVA SCOTIA: Halifax*/Dartmouth*, Sydney*,


*Now accepting Applications (and enticements ;P) for these areas