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The Boutique experience for BDSM
You are unique. Your interests are individual and can vary widely from person to person. Just because you like one activity does not mean you like another. This is why I take the time to find out what interests you and then offer customized sessions around your specific interests. Let's use a metaphor: every home cooked meal prepared just for you takes longer than a fast food drive-through but is more satisfying for your needs and feelings that day when we have the time to season and appropriately spice it just for you. Rather than a box that is served the exact same every time off a conveyor belt to everyone.
There can be a time and place for everything. That being said if you are looking for a 15 min appointment, 2 am drop by or half hour come right over you will not find that here.
It generally takes a day to complete the booking process (form review, deposit clearing, etc) then several hours to clean, prepare and set up for your specific session the day of so 48 hours advance notice is required.
Please understand: There are no set business hours, where someone is just standing by on call. I have another job(s) and other obligations and do sleep so logically I can not live my life and 24hrs a day 7 days waiting. Despite hundreds of emails and messages, I sift through each week, there are just not enough people that actually follow through with bookings for me to devote full-time hours to this venture anymore.
Below are the times that are hypothetically available to book as of right now. Please keep in mind that these times can change quickly as deposits are received for hours, sets of hours or even whole work days. I try to update this schedule as soon as I receive a deposit for that spot before I send out the confirmation email.
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Day Time Service Details
Tuesday, January 22nd - LONDON, CAN 12noon - 8pm Incalls BDSM Fetish Roleplay
Friday, January 25th - LONDON, CAN 12noon - 8pm Incalls BDSM Fetish Roleplay
Saturday, January 26th - LONDON, CAN 3pm - 8pm Incalls BDSM Fetish Roleplay
Sunday, January 27th - LONDON, CAN 12noon - 8pm Incalls BDSM Fetish Roleplay
Thursday, January 31st - LONDON, CAN 12noon - 8pm Incalls BDSM Fetish Roleplay
Friday, February 1st 2019 - LONDON, CAN 4pm - 8pm Incalls BDSM Fetish Roleplay