Come Play


I like how you "see me" and brought out the playfulness even though I was nervous (Sissy Training)
Apr 21, 2019
Thank you so much ma'am. The sissy session today was better than all of my previous ones with other people combined. Thank you for being so patient with me, especially teaching me different positions. The pictures turned out amazing! I like how you "see me" and brought out the playfulness even though I was nervous and like different characters I didn't know I had in me. My bum is still tingly and warm. I've been smiling all the long drive back to Mississauga, replaying scenes from our time together. I feel like I'm glowing, both sets of my cheeks are pink today. Can't wait till the next time! Is it too soon to book again?
an Artist with your work. guiding me into the deep recesses of my mind (Cruel Cheerleader Bully)
Apr 01, 2019
I just wanted to touch base and thank you again for the wonderful session yesterday. I have been thinking a lot about it and reflecting on all of the effort and detail you put into it which I didn’t initially comprehend due to my immediate excitement and ecstasy. You are clearly an artist with your work, and I wish I could more fully convey my appreciation to you for guiding me into the deep recesses of my mind and safely back out again. I feel as though I have a much clearer confidence in myself and my sexuality and that is a gift that I cannot ever properly repay. You do important work. One of my first year students in seminar this morning noticed the apparent “skip in my step”
Powerful, beautiful young lady. Read my mind and saw some of my deepest desires (Female CEO Boss)
Mar 22, 2019
Hello Madam, It was a very exciting afternoon yesterday meeting at the home office of such a powerful, beautiful young CEO lady. It was like you read my mind and saw some of my deepest desires. The fantasy of being able to suffer and serve and work for free for such a powerful demanding business woman had me weak at the knees. The whole scenario was great and you played your role so maturely. Can't wait to meet again and concentrate more on worshiping your many many beautiful shoes and gorgeous tiny feet, knowing what a privilege that is. I only wish you come come travel to my next business conference with me in Las Vegas, show your power in the meetings and enjoy evening events. Here is a link to my top 3 favorite videos: 2 taking over the business and 1 working for her. You definitely topped all three! And for just a first session you've set the bar so high.
Absolutely No Judgement and Really Listened to Me as a Sub - Safe and Clean setting (M>F photshoot)
Dec 29, 2018
Just had a session with Mistress Vivien Claire, she's fantastic, and very professional. She had more things in her play space than I could've really imagined and she was a very warm and welcoming host. 100% would recommend if you have fantasies you've wanted fulfilled for a while and also want a safe and clean setting for it. Absolutely no judgement and really listened to me as a sub. Thank you Mistress!
I liked a lot what you did to my butt. No idea what it was but feels great! (Puppy Training)
Aug 21, 2018
Good day mistress, I just wanted to thank you for the awesome time I had with you earlier this week. It was really a blast. I liked how you saw what I seemed to enjoy mid-way through the sessions and focused more on that. I liked a lot what you did to my butt. I still have no idea what it was, but it feels great. The spanking and tickling was awesome as well. But the butt thingy, this should be a main priority next time we meet. And I will definitely book another session in the near future
Vivien Claire can give a hell of a spanking... you need to treat yourself. (Naughty Little Boy)
Aug 18, 2018
I see Vivien Claire for little play. She is a lot of fun. She looks every bit the teenage Babysitter. Vivien has given me a bath, snacks and juice. With bath time I even have bath toys to play with and Vivien even has a coloring book. Vivien Claire can even give a hell of a spanking. She has all toys. Paddles, belts, floggers. Paddles of leather, wood and rubber. I even got a message with baby lotion. If your a little and around London, ON Canada you need to treat your self and see Vivien Claire.
I had an amazing session with this gorgeous Domme yesterday (Trampling Foot Fetish)
Sep 10, 2017
Mistress Vivien Claire I had an amazing session with this gorgeous Domme yesterday. What a delight. She's so cute and pleasant in demeanour, but she doesn't hesitate to put her weight on her stilettos without that adorable smirk on her face wavering one bit. If you are in southern Ontario, Canada or Northern US locations like Buffalo or Detroit, she's well worth the short trip. Her private dungeon is in London, Ontario, Canada.
Fun & very HOT! Thank you for time & effort you put into creating a spectacular session! (Bondage)
Aug 23, 2017
Hi Miss Vivien I just wanted to say thank you for another great session. I love that you seem to genuinely enjoy yourself. Lots of fun and very hot! Double meaning with the wax play :P I look forward to being bound and helpless at your mercy again very soon. Thank you for the time and effort you put into creating another spectacular session!
Kinky breath of Fresh Air! Her wicked smile, her strut, energy, those sparkling eyes (Masochism)
Nov 20, 2016
As I am hardly a newbie when it comes to D/s (over 20 years) I must say that Mistress Vivien Claire was a kinky breath of fresh air! Her new dungeon is amazing, albeit a work in progress. Already several "play stations" are up and running, and ready to make your heart skip a beat. It's a great space, and I look forward to seeing it develop. Any photos that you see of Mistress Vivien Claire do not do her justice! She is more attractive in person, as pictures cannot capture her beautiful (and a little wicked) smile, her strut, her energy, and those sparkling eyes. I was on time, and Mistress Vivien Claire was certainly ready for me. She had asked me in advance by email about my likes and dislikes, and She certainly ran with them. Being a seasoned submissive, I encouraged her to also do what she liked too, and to take some liberties. This led to some very hot surprises, and an incredible two hours that flew by. My evening spent with Her was a wild roller coaster ride of teasing, torment, wild sensations, a few hot surprises, and a bit of delicious pain. Do yourself a favour, book two hours, and don't hesitate in handing the reins of power over to this Lady. Thank You Mistress!
I have seen Vivien Claire SEVEN times since December 2015. Always a good time. (Wrestling)
Oct 24, 2016
I have seen Vivien Claire seven times since December 2015. Always a good time. We do some serious role play fantasy that requires quite a bit of physical exertion on her part. "Role play" is the key word here. She is not an escort but you leave pretty happy just the same. I have described fantasies to her that I would never tell anyone else and she embraces them and gets right into it. This seems to be more than a job for her. She lives this life and travels all over satisfying her need for knowledge and experience. Although she is out of town a lot, I'm happy to see she is making a significant long term investment in a large dungeon/play-space in London. Not a clock watcher. She focuses on you and the phone is out of sight. She has come up with a scheme to get a deposit for appointments because of time wasters and no-shows. It's too bad she had to do this but she is totally reliable. I usually set up appointments days or weeks in advance and she is always ready to the minute. Like going to the doctor. Only better.
Intelligent, well spoken, and puts you at ease the moment you meet her. Very knowledgeable
Oct 20, 2016
I had the pleasure of meeting with Vivien Claire a week and a half ago and I have to say it was the single best BDSM experience I have ever had. Vivien Claire is very attractive with some of the greatest breasts I have ever seen. Besides the her physical characteristics her personality is the best I've ever encountered with a BDSM service provider. She's intelligent, well spoken, and puts you at ease the moment you meet her. She is very knowledgeable, experienced and skilled with all of the equipment she has (she is very well equipped). We had discussed a few areas of interest that I had and we were able to explore all of them. I never once felt rushed during my visit...I can't stress that enough. Her incall location is very private and clean. There are full shower facilities and towels are provided. Even refreshments were offered.
Great facilities, Great Ass..ets!
Jun 02, 2016
I decided something new for me, and after seeing both reviews and passing emails back and forth with Vivien decided to give it a shot, I was originally worried about the location and getting there but it ended up much simpler than I had thought. She has great facilities and she has great err - assets! Like a Jacuzzi Had a great time and enjoyed her company and her margaritas!
Devious as she is Pretty and very Creative in her approach to Kink (Forced Bi)
May 16, 2016
I have visited Vivien a few times in the past, and have had a lot of fun with her each time, she is a great conversationalist, as devious as she is pretty and very creative in her approach to kink.
Vivien Claire = amazing! If anyone is "considering" going, stop considering and pull the trigger!!
Nov 04, 2015
I'm new to this board, but thought I should write a nice little review about this sweet lady. I just had the pleasure of seeing her yesterday and Ive gone for massages before but never experienced anything quite this enjoyable! Contacting her was very easy and quick, she also provided a lot of information on what to expect which quickly put any concerns or questions to rest. I arrived at a very nice and quiet location which already had me feeling pretty relaxed. I'm all about first impressions, and I was very impressed right from the get-go! Not only is she extremely attractive, but she has an amazing personality to boot. She showed me around, had some drinks along with a great conversation filled with a few laughs(which I love). I wont go into much detail on the massage to follow, but for lack of a better word it was unforgettable. I never felt uncomfortable or rushed either, she took her time and I think be both thoroughly enjoyed every second. If anyone is "considering" going, stop considering and pull the trigger!! She is worth every minute! Thanks again Vivien for an amazing time! Cant wait to see you again :)
Excellent Provider and a True Professional. She knows how to Please & you get No Judgement from her
Oct 24, 2015
I agree that Vivien is an excellent provider and a true professional. She knows how to please and you get no judgement from her.
Vivien is a treasure amongst the Forest City
Oct 13, 2015
Vivien is a treasure amongst the forest city. Top notch service, absolute non clock watcher. I can't wait to see you again later this month. Enjoy people, please be respectful and Vivien will make sure you have a memorable experience. Cheers
Pictures don't really do her justice. She is very talented and definitely worth your time.
Oct 12, 2015
I'll begin by noting that this is my first post, and first review, of my first of this type of experience, in the interest of full disclosure. I spent an hour with Vivien late last week, after some email correspondence regarding booking time. Due to my week being extremely busy, I had some difficulty nailing down a firm time for my visit, and I must say, she couldn't have been more patient and accommodating with my schedule. I decided to see Vivien for a few reasons, including what is offered in her ad, but mainly because of her pictures, and I must say, after finally seeing her in person I was not disappointed. She truly is a beautiful woman, and I would go as far as saying that the pictures don't really do her justice. Of course she has obvious assets that are evident in her pictures, but it's the small things you only notice in person that make her exceptionally sexy. Our time together was not at all rushed, and the drink she prepared me was a very nice touch, and definitely helped relieve some of my nerves, as well as the stress from the work day. I personally don't feel comfortable going into too much detail, but one word I keep thinking of to describe my experience with her is sensual. Beforehand, I had my doubts as to how fulfilling this type of experience could be, as I find being desired is a huge part of being intimate with someone, and in this type of situation that might not be fulfilled. However, Vivien was super friendly, and made me feel like our time together was mutually beneficial. Even to our good-byes, she was very friendly, held eye contact during conversations, and seemed to be genuinely interested. What this created for me was an all around wonderful experience that has been at the fore of my memory since. I realize I am just getting my toes wet in this hobby, but I can confidently say that if Vivien can make all guys feel the way I feel about this experience, that she is very talented and definitely worth your time. Sorry if the review is too wordy, and let me know if you have any questions!
Wonderful Beautiful Person, very Skilled at what she does
Oct 01, 2015
I had the pleasure of visiting Vivien today for a morning appointment. She was able to accommodate on short notice and am I ever glad she did . She is a wonderful beautiful person who is very skilled at what she does. She is not a clock watcher and we even went a little longer than planned. I would put her in the same category as the top reviewed ladies on this site . If you haven't seen her yet do yourself a favour and book an appointment , you won't regret it .
Sweetheart that deserves only the best
Sep 14, 2015
Some time ago I took the plunge with this sweetie.... Her place is nice and has lots of amenities to suit your desires. She is a sweetheart that deserves only the best. You will not be disappointed and I can't wait for another visit sometime