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Rates & Deposits

Rates Are Listed Below




Deposits are a fraction of the full tribute simply paid in advance to reserve your space.

It is $100 deposit for each hour reserved.

After we have agreed on a time and date your deposit can be submitted one of these ways:

Interac Email Transfer: This is the preferred method. It is similar to debit, is available 24/7 and generally available to anyone with a bank account. Setting up your online banking is easy and free. It is very common and generally a good idea to have. Interac transfers are available free to all BMO customers. They are a less expensive, more convenient and faster alternative than ordering, finding, filling out paper cheques each time and are accepted lots of places online and in person nowadays that paper cheques are not.

Gift Card: generally for those from other countries (US), which you can purchase online and even use a credit card for and would only show up on your card as the name of the store purchased from. Available 24/7 and there are no fees to use it. You can purchase gift cards with cash/debit/credit card at physical stores like: Loblaws, Sobey's, Safeway, Shopper's Drug Mart, Shell, BP, T&T Supermarket, 


Cash: drop in advance. Is available to those I have seen before, not for first sessions.

Deposits are very much part an integral part of the submission and booking process. They are in place to help me weed out those who are not serious about showing up for their session, which costs me large amounts of time and money and takes up all the spaces legitimate clients would like to book. I have had serious problems in the past with people making fake accounts and booking up whole weeks while I'm on tour through different accounts and then not showing up for anything costing me thousands of dollars. As sincere and excited as people may sound there is an extremely high rate of no-shows. I understand that people sometimes get nervous even after all the discussion or schedules change but I feel that as I will have invested time and money into preparing and often renting and commuting to a dungeon for our session, a deposit on your part shows that you have at least a little something invested in the session and won't as easily blow me off.

If I have to cancel (which is very rare) we can reschedule for another time or I will refund your deposit.

If you cancel within a week of our session date (once) I will transfer your deposit to rebook for another time.

If you cancel less than a week after going through the whole booking procedure your deposit will be forfeit. (This cuts down on "save that spot so no one else can book it" and then not showing up or perpetual booking cancelling, booking cancelling.)

Rate Length Service Details
$300 CAD 1hr Incalls Sessions
$500 CAD 2hrs Incalls Sessions
$700 CAD 3hrs Incalls Sessions
$900 CAD 4hrs Incalls Sessions