Come Play




(*Click on the 3 white bars on the right-hand side at the very top of the screen to navigate this site on your phone or tablet)


1. Completely READ this website, including Session Types and Not offered sections.

Decide what you want from a session with me and how to communicate that to me on the booking form.


2. Look at the schedule of AVAILABLE times.

The online schedule can be found right here it is available to you anytime night or day you want to cross-reference with your own schedule or check for updates, so it's always your fastest and should be your first option for planning.


3. Completely fill out the application in the BOOK A SESSION tab (If it's not completely filled out it won't go through. If it went through you should get an automated confirmation.) Include a photo of your face and several SPECIFIC DATES and TIMES from the schedule. If you are requesting a session further into the future than the schedule goes include dates and times that you would be available.


4. I respond when I've read your booking form with any comments or questions. We agree on a date/time.


5. You send a deposit.


6. I send a confirmation with the address and directions.


7. You show up for an appointment. We chat briefly at the beginning of the session while I work to confirm what we are doing that day.