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This Booking Form is how I decide IF I want to do a session with you.

Here is your chance to communicate things to me so I can plan a safe fantastic session just for you and provide info to verify yourself in the attempts to build trust.

So don't be lazy. Do at least a little reading online so you understand WHAT you are asking me for.

Please READ THE INFORMATION ON THIS WEBSITE BEFORE sending in the booking form, as pretty much all the information you need is already easily available on this site.


Sending forms not fully filled out or with phrases like "whatever you want mistress" or "I have no limits" makes me think your request is not based in reality and doesn't allow me to understand what your expectations are for a session with me. It makes me think you are just disrespecting the process and wasting my time.

Do not submit this application unless you intend to follow through and actually pay for a session in the very near future. A booking form is not a place to chat with me or entertain yourself.

Be aware if you repeatedly email asking questions that I have answered before (rather than review your previous emails) or are available on this site you will eventually be labelled a time waster and blocked.

Because those activities clearly indicate that you can not get your self in order and have no respect for my time so you will only be allowed access to so much for free before you're cut off.

If you would like to session time or consultation simply to discuss or learn about some topics but not to play or be physical that is fine. Be aware I do not entertain people with free tours of my workspace or coffee dates. I have had way to many people abuse my time this way.


Always Plan Ahead


Fill out booking form 48hrs in Advance. The booking process takes time.

Repeatedly emailing asking about same day appts makes a bad impression (like you are too incompetent to appropriately prepare or have such a bad attitude you think you are above my booking protocol.) It takes time to prepare, I need notice. It's no different than booking a doctor or dentist appt. BOOK IN ADVANCE.

I am not (generally) available before 12noon or after 10pm for sessions (unless otherwise noted on the online schedule.)

I do not employ staff or a personal assistant so when I am in sessions during the day usually you can expect a response within 24hrs.

If you haven't received a response in your inbox within 24hrs check your SPAM box. Still nothing, consider re-sending keeping in mind ALL the boxes are filled in appropriately.


Once sessions details have been confirmed and a deposit submitted (see Rates section for details about deposits) I will send you a confirmation email with the address, directions and contact number that you will need for your appointment.

You will need a cell phone to contact me the day of. If you are one of those rare individuals who does not have one, then a cheap pay-as-you-go one can be picked up from quite a variety of stores. 
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